Seven Years in The Making

The world has evolved at an extraordinary pace – placing digital platforms at the heart of consumers’ habits. The tech world has never been more advanced – from cloud computing, Xaas to AI and the creation of virtual currencies and digital ledgers.

With these cutting-edge innovations adopted by many industries, there is a sense of urgency for iGaming to catch up. From the lack of user journey tracking, to basic entertainment experience recommendation systems (such as what Netflix or Amazon Prime have been doing for a few years now), and AI analysis systems on customer behavior still in their infancy, there is a great deal for iGaming to focus on and invest in to deliver truly immersive experiences that the new generation of digital players are demanding.

iGaming is heavily regulated but it is also an industry that is slow moving compared to emerging technologies that have, so far, been out of this regulatory scope. We also have to remember that today’s players are younger, well-educated, often affluent and digitally savvy with profiles that match that of early cryptocurrency adopters.

Therefore, they often also have higher expectations in terms of speed-to-market and innovation and, as a result iGaming must learn to adopt fresher technologies faster and more effectively.

Learn more on what is key to success, our whitepaper covers key innovations such as Internet of Behaviour, Digital Twin, Hyperautomation and Blockchain.


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